The International Design Clinic

The International Design Clinic, IDC, is a registered not-for-profit organization that realizes much-needed creative work with communities in need around the world. The IDC is currently partnering with various Bolivian non-profits to bring education to children working the streets of La Paz. In order to make this school system accessible and responsive, the new school system uses borrowed resources to transform common vending architectures into educational implements and environments. To read more about this project, click here.

This blog has been created as a space to show the various ideas that can be implemented in La Paz, while my role in this project is to help research ways to make education accessible. The working children that this project is geared towards are restricted in the time they have available to spend on education, which is why the the IDC has been working to make education available to them on their schedule. In the past, the IDC had particular scales for delivering the educational material.  I will continue to reference these particular sizes throughout the exploration.

The x-small which was about the size of a post card

The small size is about the size of the child’s shoeshine box.

And, currently the largest size implemented is the cart.